Advice from a Fellow Comic Creator: How to Promote Your Trade Paperback On A ShoeString

Bone Chiller

Robert Heske, writer of Cold Blooded Chillers series and The Night Projectionist, was kind enough to share some good advice on how to promote your trade paperback. Below are his thoughts:

1. Make a comic book trailer and post it everywhere, including

2. Advertise on

3. Post bulletins on social networking sites.

4. Write a press release and send it out with the URL of your website and trailer.

Here is a trailer I had produced for BONE CHILLER, a trade paperback based on my COLD BLOODED CHILLERS horror series.

My additional thoughts on his thoughts.

1. First watch Robert Heske’s Bone Chiller trailer. Take note. It looks really professional and sophisticated. With thousands of amateur videos on YouTube, you want to stand out and not being “just another cheesy video.”

2. Advertising is always good. There is nothing wrong with getting the word out in another venue.

3. Don’t go bulletin crazy. I really do hate when I get the same bulletin five times in an hour. Inform, don’t annoy.

4. If you never have written a press release, check out this site.

Robert, thanks for the insight.

Readers make sure you check out his latest issue Bone Chiller on his COLD BLOODED CHILLERS series (it’s good stuff, trust me).

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2 responses to “Advice from a Fellow Comic Creator: How to Promote Your Trade Paperback On A ShoeString

  1. Just wanted to add three things:

    #1 – My Bone Chiller trailer was produced by Eric Anderson @ So if you can afford to use a professional (who is affordable), do so. I had over 2,300 hits on the trailer at on the first day.

    #2 – You can also post a web comic preview of your book for free at

    #3 – Bone Chiller is available on IndyPlanet at this url –

  2. Great Advice Bob, I think that the trailer concept is one that really gets people thinking and talking about the book or graphic novel if you will! I have recently started to infuse this logic into many friends and fellow artists and your points reinforce my notion. Thanks!


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