More Comic Books to Kindle Android App

Kindle App for Android

Last year I wrote that the Android was giving comic books a chance with its Droid Comic Viewer app. Now, according to, Amazon updated its Kindle for Android app on Thursday, adding more support for graphic novels, comic books, and children’s illustrated stories.

Here’s the PCMag scoop:

“Previously, the Android version of the Kindle app did allow illustrated books such as those added by the update, according to Amazon’s own app page, but a smaller number.

The update, available via the Google Play store, also has a second practical purpose: viewing personal documents.

“You can also now email personal documents to your “Send-to-Kindle” email address and the documents will be delivered to Kindle for Android and automatically archived in the Amazon Cloud where they will be available for re-download,” an Amazon spokeswoman said in an email, which uses Whispersync, Amazon’s technology to sync content among the various devices that can display books and other content from Amazon. “Just like Kindle books, Whispersync automatically syncs your notes, highlights and last page read for personal documents.”

A list of supported formats wasn’t imediately available.

The update will allow access to over 1,000 children’s titles, Amazon said, including Brown Bear and Curious George, along with popular comics including Batman, Superman and others. Amazon also allows Kindle owners, including those that use the Android app, to check out an e-book from the local library. Amazon recently said that it has more than 100,000 titles from its Kindle Lending Library, a separate effort that requires a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime and allows one free e-book loan per month.”

Do you have an Android? Are you using the Kindle app to read graphic novels, comic books and other types of books?


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  1. looking through your site, great resources, keep it up!

  2. Belkis Cardona-Rivera

    Thank you!

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